Breaking Point


Produced by Nori Kelley

Breaking Point was my second album, recorded in 1983. By this time, I had a little studio time under my belt, having done sessions for about 4 years. I was trying to go for something a little more commercial than "Spring Rain," although compared to what was coming out in those days, it wasn't very commercial at all!

I was joined primarily by my close friends (then and now!) Jim Pollard and George Vinson, although drummer John Susswell (Diana Ross, and husband of singer Candy Staton) played on some tracks, keyboardist Randy Harper (Ricky Skaggs Band) contributed, and lots of friends sang harmonies, including Debbie Handy, Barry Goss and the great guitarist Will McFarlane. Again, engineer Noah White manned the board and put up with all my stuff. This time around, I took the finished product up to Nashville for mastering at Masterphonics by mastering legend Ken Perry (Abbey Road, Pet Sounds!)

WOW! We've decided to offer the music on this album for free in downloadable MP3 format. Feel free to burn a CD, and you can even download the album cover to print if you'd like! If you can program your burner to place 0 seconds between tracks, you'll have a more original copy. The album credits and complete downloadable liner notes are down below.


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It's Good To Know

Nothing Else To Do

Love You With My Life

Catrina's Song


The Jealous One

The Story Of Stories

Not My Will But Thine

After All

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