Produced and engineered by Nori Kelley
assisted by Barbie Kelley and Davie Smith

Barbie Kelley - Vocals, flute, percussion
Nori Kelley - Vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass


Gary Chumney - Drums

WIND's EP is primarily a collection of instrumental tunes, the only song with lyrics being Sugar Blues (written by our friends Brook Finlayson, Barry Goss & Jenny Rakestraw). We enlisted the help of friend Gary Chumney for the drumming on this project. Clocking in at about 21 minutes, EP isn't a full album, but is just what the title says (EP was the term used in the pre-CD days of vinyl to describe a long or Extended Play single) - so what we're talking about here is actually a mini album.

The music on EP is a little more grass roots than on other WIND albums - with a stronger folk & blues feel.

The Songs...

February Farewell
New Beginnings
Sugar Blues

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©2008 Nori & Barbie Kelley