Heaven Knows


Produced by Billy & Barbie Beck

I remember recording this album in a friend's basement. Poor guy, having to put up with Bill and me! All of the emotions that you go through during a recording project... getting so tired that all you can do is either laugh or cry... but, if I remember correctly, we did a lot of laughing. (We must not have been TOO bad, because the next guy who recorded us married me!) At that time, Bill and I shared a house with two other friends of ours in Newark, DE. They had a band, too. Lots of music coming from that house! We seemed to attract all of the neighbor kids, too... good times, good times. Bill and I toured together about three times during the ~2 years that we played together. If memory serves me, we went to OH, PA, AL, FL, TN and NJ. We played in bars, youth groups, coffee shops, a school, a university and churches. We sang in Daytona Beach, FL, during biker week- that was interesting! We met and made some really great friends (and a husband:). As I look back over the lyrics to the songs I wrote on this album, I realize how much deeper my relationship with God has grown over the years. I am so thankful!


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Photovoltaic Mindtower

Heaven Knows

Golden Star

Not Guilty

Can't Touch

Irish Sunrise

Tangled In Chains


Hello Grandchild

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