No Love, No Peace - The Musical (Original Soundtrack)


Music produced by Nori Kelley / Vocals produced by Barbie Kelley

This is the soundtrack to our musical, called "No Love, No Peace - The Musical." It is intended for performance by high schoolers for high schoolers, and deals with issues such as bullying, teen suicide, making smart choices, etc.


(click on each song for lyrics & song comments)

Watson Road Trip Song

What Can I Do

Back In My Day

Throw Me A Rope

Fight Chant

You Got To Save The Children (Mr. Clem)

No Love, No Peace

You Got To Save The Children (Mr. Clem reprise)

Take Me Away

Butterfly (Holly singing along)

No Love, No Peace (Enough!)

Count To 10

New Kid In Town

Do Whatcha Gotta Do


Don't Complete The Triangle

Butterfly (Holly reprise)

New Day

Butterfly (original version)

You Got To Save The Children (Bonus Track)

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