(Nori Kelley)

Take me to the streams of the waters of life
Let me drink from the cup of love
Renew me, live through me
Let me show the world that I love You
I love You
I love You

1980 Nori Kelley
Published by Count The Cost Publishing / BMI.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

This song was really inspired by the music of The 2nd Chapter Of Acts. I loved their music, and still do - they influenced me deeply as a young believer in Christ. This one was performed by Precious Little (Brook Finlayson & me) in 1977, and then again by the band His Own in 1979, in which I was the guitarist. When the time came for me to record my first album, Spring Rain, I decided to do the song as an instrumental - I'm not sure why...

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