(Barbie Kelley)

I feel a new breath in my chest
Your tender lips how softly pressed
Upon my own, I canít explain
To stop, no way could I refrain

Your gentle touch upon my cheek
Your cheek to mine, I canít believe
These feelings shared, just you and I
Iíve wondered long about tonight

We watched the sun rise from the dark
We saw the night and morning part
The sun reflected in your eyes
I felt the warmth shine into mine

Your gentle breath upon my ear
You whisper softly as we stare
This moment shared, just you and I
Our precious time, it seems to fly

We settled down upon the floor
You held me close, I need no more
Curled underneath this golden star
I fell asleep held in your arms ith will show

©1992 Divine Design
Published by Count The Cost Publishing / BMI.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

After being in a lot of relationships that were ungodly, this song was inspired by a kind of relationship that was very new to me... pure. Itís funny to read these lyrics now, and think back to all of the places that Bill and I performed it. I bet it made lots of youth leaders and Christian cafe operators nervous! I really wanted to know Godís ďdefinitionĒ of dating after I got saved. After seeking and seeking, through James 3:2-10, I felt that He was telling me not to kiss my future husband on the lips until I was on the alter. He told Nori the same about his future wife!

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