(Nori Kelley)

How great is Your love
For me oh Lord
How great is Your love
For me oh Lord

How precious are Thy thoughts
Outnumbering the sand
How precious are Thy thoughts
To me oh God!

And if I go up to heaven
Or the bottom of the sea
Even there Your hand will lead me
From Your presence I cannot flee

Japanese Lyrics (pdf)...

1997 Nori & Barbie Kelley
Published by Count The Cost Publishing / BMI.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

I think this is my favorite worship song that I've written. I've been told by someone "in the know" as far as worship songwriting is concerned that it doesn't have a hook. Hmm...watching people enter into the presence of God during this song makes me think the Lord may not care one way or another. This one was translated into Japanese by our friend Yohei Isaji and is on our "Wa" album as well as the original "How Great Is Your Love" album. It was also translated into Russian some years ago, but we don't have a copy of it. The lyrics were inspired by and taken from Psalm 139.

Since I didn't get to play with Pink Floyd, the solo is my imitation. For David Gilmour fans everywhere...

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