(Nori Kelley)

I know someone and she knows me
I know someone who holds the key to my heart
And I remember the very first time we talked
Everywhere we walked was common ground
It almost scared us both away
But our spirits were joined that day
And everything I'd sought suddenly I found

I love someone and she loves me
I love someone so pure and free
And it's too good to be true - this path led me to you
It's so hard to believe what God has done
Our spirits and our souls unite
And meld into a single light
That burns in offering to the Holy One

The cries of our hearts God won't turn away
He stores them up above
The prayers of two lifetimes rain down today
And bathe us in His love

©1995 Count The Cost Publishing / BMI

A song for Barbie - we danced to it at our wedding reception. She is God's perfect choice for me, and the longer we're together, the more obvious it becomes! We felt right from our first heart to heart conversation that God was initiating something significant in our lives, and He confirmed it to us over and over again. I love her so much, and it's such a joy to be able to make music with her, travel with her & serve God with her across this planet!

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