(Nori Kelley)

Sifting out all the dreams that blurr my vision
Reminded that I'm redeemed and on a mission
Surrounded by so many who seem so insincere
People whose motives are marred by their ambitions
Young songwriters and starry eyed musicians
Help me to hide in my heart the reason that I'm here

I don't need to be the star of the convention
And I don't want to be the center of attention
Don't need to play to a packed house every night
I only need to love You with my life

All that I am is a pile of crumbling ashes
I'm only here for a while among the masses
Make me contented to smile and do the best I can
Make me aware of the needs of those around me
I want to live out the deeds that prove You found me
Give me a love that exceeds the wisdom of a man

Don't need the praises of man to tell my story
I don't want to get caught up in the glory
No one's opinion can tell me if I'm right
I only need to love You with my life

1983 Nori Kelley
Published by Count The Cost Publishing / BMI.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

In the early days I struggled a lot with the tension between wanting to be a rock musician and being in ministry. At that time, I knew if I wanted to "make something of myself" I needed to move either to L.A. or Nashville. But as much as I prayed, thought and wrestled with it, nothing in my spirit told me to relocate - in fact I sensed very strongly the Lord telling me stay where I was. Not that I would've become some famous musician had I moved...for me personally, it was all a matter of giving up everything for Christ - absolutely nothing else mattered.

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