(Nori & Barbie Kelley)

I stand before You once again - itís on the line
To go through the motions or to enter in - the choice is mine
I donít even know how much I need You
Blinded by the things that I see and hear, but...

I need more than anything to worship You
And I need more than anything to be here
Coming to the foot of Your throne
Abandoning everything I own
With all my heart I choose to worship You

I stand before You once again - so full of pride
I canít ignore the state Iím in - I cannot hide
I donít even know how much I need You
But I trust Youíll take me as I am, Ďcause...

Japanese Lyrics (pdf)...

©2006 Nori & Barbie Kelley
Published by Count The Cost Publishing / BMI.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Nori - I can remember writing this song on the road, driving between Nashville, Tennessee and Gadsden, Alabama. A lot of songs have been written like that in recent years, when there's lots of time to think...
Our good friend, Yohei Isaji, translated this into Japanese, and another close friend, vocalist / keyboardist extraordinaire, Makiko Kagami, sang on it.

Barbie - What a blessing to have Makiko sing on our CD! I "assisted" Nori during the recordings of some of the Japanese Vineyard CD's. Little did I know that God was preparing us to be worship leaders in a Japanese church! I owe my pronunciation abilities to Makiko and Yohei. THANKS, YOU TWO!! I'll never forget learning "ba, bi, bu, be, bo" with jetlag!

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