(Nori Kelley)

In the midst of their bondage the sons of Israel cried
Making bricks and storehouses in the sand
But the more they afflicted, the more they multiplied
'Till the day when the Lord chose to show His hand

Out of Egypt
Never to return
Into the wilderness
There the fire will burn
Following the Awesome Presence
The victory's won
Out of Egypt
I have called my son

An angel came to Joseph and warned him in a dream
"Take the child and His mother to Egypt's land"
And in Israel the sound was heard of Rachel's scream
And then again he heard the Lord's command

In the midst of the church the sons of Jesus cry
"No more wood, hay and stubble in the sand
In the world, lives are broken and those around us die
Lord, we call out to You to show Your hand"
Away from the world and it's influence
The bondage of slavery broken
We cry out to You for Your help, oh God
Oh, Lord, please give us a token
In the Spirit we hear Rachel's cry
And we call out for our children
Our strength is failing and our wells are dry
Let our land not be forsaken
For the sake of Your name You'll fulfill Your word
We confess that we're naked and blind
You'll reveal Yourself to Your church, oh, Lord
When we leave our religion behind, and come...

(chorus II)
Out of Egypt
Onto the desert sand
Passing through the wilderness
Preparing to take the land
Following the Awesome Presence
The victory's won
Out of Egypt
I have called my son

©1995 Count The Cost Publishing / BMI

Out of Egypt parallels the account of the Israelites' flight from Egypt with the modern day church's need to flee from dead religious acts. It is, of course, in no way a slight against the nation of Egypt today. I believe that just as the children of Israel were enslaved to hard work during the days of the Exodus account, so much of today's church is enslaved to "works." Religion is a cruel taskmaster, demanding more and more. Many are enslaved by it, spending their lives creating beautiful masterpieces - out of wood, hay & stubble.

Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. He tells us that His sheep hear His voice...I believe the Christian walk is to be a progression of learning more and more how to hear the voice of Jesus saying, "This is the way - walk in it." Remember - only the works that are initiated by the Spirit of God will remain as gold tried by fire.

I believe there three times in history where the call has been issued by the Father for people to come out of Egypt - 1) the Israelites in Exodus, 2) the young Jesus in Matthew, and 3) the church today - the body of Christ. It has been noted that in all three occasions, the mass murder of babies has occured! The enemy has made brutal attempts to kill those in God's sovereign plan - unsuccsessfully!

(for some scripture references, see Hosea 11:1; Exodus 1 & 2; Revelation 3:14-22; I Corinthians 3:10-15; John 5:19, 10:27; Isaiah 30:21)

Musically speaking, the influences for this song are an odd combination - Yes and The Byrds!

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