(Billy Beck)

Morning air embraces me
wakes me, makes me aware
The world has joined my hand to come alive
Once again the sun is soft upon my skin
My eyes have opened taking in
All the beauty rushing through my mind

Living in this photovoltaic mindtower
Seeing all the beauty now aboutnd
I hope that you will follow me
The path will cry aloud
Take my hand Iíll take you through the crowd

Lying on the soft green grass
The breezes dance throughout my mind
The gentle smell of flowers fills the air
Filling up my soul they lift me from the ground
And to my feet
Iím dancing with the breezes through the air

The shades of violet reach out
Their colors stretch across the sky
Theyíre calling out to me by name
They lift me up to the stars above

Silver stars sneak their way into the sky
They move to carry signs. Their mist covers me
Soon the birds begin to sing. There is no time
The sun starts flashing colors the canvas wide

©1992 Divine Design
Published by Count The Cost Publishing / BMI.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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