(Nori Kelley & Margaret Frost)

I heard all around me the people calling me to go
Abundant life was waiting at my door
"Ask what you will, in faith, and it will surely come to you"
It promised anything I'd want and more
So I sought and I studied, prayed to God, but nothing still
No signs to follow my repeticious calling
Sorting out the pieces, "The answer's here someplace, I know -
All the rituals have been followed - it promised to pay!"

Prosperity, living abundantly
I did my all, now where are you?
No one said my heart had to play a part
I just ordered my prize and went along

I placed myself above the call, but is a servant greater than his master?
This trap was just a license for my greed
Ever wanting, and never coming to know the truth
Just to think that I was rich and had no need!

1983 Nori Kelley
Published by Count The Cost Publishing / BMI.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Ahh, the prosperity it and claim it...blab it and grab it...I was in a band for short time with Maggie Frost, who come to me with this lyric, or most of it. I just added or changed a line here and there, then did the music, which was clearly influenced by the Strawbs and Moody Blues!

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