(Nori Kelley)

Rise up O men of God
Stand in your places
Rise up O men of God
Hold high your faces
And the glory of the Lord
Will shine on you

The time has come to carry the load
And lead those in your charge
We must be faithful in the things that we hold
Before our boundaries will enlarge
Holding your own in a world gone mad
It may seem too much a bother
But wives need husbands and kids need dads
Who will lead them to the Father

Make decisions, be responsible
But seek the Lord before you do
Authority makes you accountable
Blessing and curses set before you
You know we've got to strengthen that which remains
And be what we're called to be
This place is not for pride or personal gain
But for walking in humility

You may not always be right
That's why you've got to seek His face
Repent and walk in the light
And you'll be covered by His grace

©1995 Count The Cost Publishing / BMI

During a traumatic experience in my life some years ago, the Lord began to show me how I'd been such a spiritual wimp...not taking the mantle of leadership & authority in the areas in which He had granted me oversight. This song was birthed in the aftermath of that experience. Even now with a wife and two kids, it's easy to want to slip back into "lethargic" mode. I wrote a short article on this a few years back, called "Rise Up" - perhaps it could be of some encouragement...

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