(Nori Kelley)

Where are God's people?
Hiding under the steeple
Thinking they've got it made
Buildings erecting
And ever neglecting
The jealous One they've betrayed

Looking around me
It simply astounds me
Those who say they gave their lives to Him
I hear that fifty percent
Say they're "born again"
But where are those who have repented from sin?

Your testimony's the best
Say you've really been blessed
You're so proud to say you know the way
But He says, "Why do you call Me
'Lord, Lord'
When you won't do the things that I say?

How can you know that you're in His will
When you can't even respond to His touch?
He who is faithful in the little things
Will be the one who is faithful in much

1983 Nori Kelley
Published by Count The Cost Publishing / BMI.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Keith Green was a major influence on my early Christian walk, both as a believer and a songwriter. As a young Christian who wanted with all his heart to be sold out to Jesus, I saw so many "believers" in church week after week who didn't seem to be affected one way or another by the truth of the gospel. That upset me, so when Keith Green came out with songs like "Asleep In The Light," it prompted me to write stuff like that, too. I actually only wrote a few songs that were this confrontive...

My good friend Barry Goss sang harmony on the choruses, and wow, what great songwriter and singer he was! I feel very fortunate to have sung with him in a duo back in 1981, "Goss & Kelley." Debbie Handy and christian artist Will McFarlane sang with me on this one as well...good times...

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