(Barbie Kelley, Florence Beck & Nori Kelley)

You are truly wonderful
You are truly God and King
You are Lord of all creation
The heavens and earth rejoice and sing
ďYou are Lord!Ē

Your word is true, Your love is true
All of Your promises are true
Your word is true, Your love is true
I will dance and praise with timbrel in honor of You

Iíll praise You in the congregation
Iíll sing for joy to You on my bed
Iíll dance and bask in Your holy presence
For Your love has beautified me
You are Lord!

You are my first true love

Japanese Lyrics (pdf)...

©2006 Nori & Barbie Kelley
Published by Count The Cost Publishing / BMI.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

While Nori was in Japan recording the Japanese Vineyard Worship CD, Vol. 3, my daughters and I stayed in Delaware and visited my family. One night, I was reading my Bible in bed (Psalm 149), and the Lord began to give me this song. I had a rough melody line, but the next morning, my Mom and I worked out the chords on the piano together. She was very instrumental (no pun intended : ) in my passion for music and for the Lord. THANK YOU, MOM!!

You will hear a VERY SWEET voice singing harmony on this song. That's Akiko Koyama. Even though Akiko's English was limited (or at least SHE thinks so), and my Japanese was very limited, it didn't seem to keep us from feeling like sisters. Her husband, Eiji, translated this song for us. He is the pastor of Sakae Shalom Church, where we led worship a few times, and Lizzie and Cynthea (our girls) were baptized. Eiji and Akiko were so wonderful to us during our stay in Japan. Eiji was Nori's CD swapping buddy- he likes Larry Norman, U2....

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