(Nori Kelley)

Lord, through all the times I've had
There's never been a time like now
When I needed to know Your loving hand
Was guiding my life somehow
So many times I fail to hear
Your spirit calling my name
I end up lost in a world of fear
With my foolishness to blame

But whenever I call on You
I hear You say You'll see me through
And once again You make me new
And place me back in life with You
Life with You

Lord, I don't know how to say
How thankful I am for You
'Cause the life You lived and the blood You shed
Has come to carry my life through
The love I feel flows deeply now
For deep were the pains You bore
The life You gave came to me somehow
I never felt like this before

And whenever I call on You
I'll always know Your love holds true
I'll let my tears of joy flow, too
Because You keep me in love with You
Love with You

1980 Nori Kelley
Published by Count The Cost Publishing / BMI.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

This was another special song for me, written in 1977. The music was inspired by Beatlesque stuff - the Beatles, Badfinger, Phil Keaggy...

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