Spring Rain


Produced by Nori Kelley

Spring Rain was my very first album, recorded in 1979 and 1980. I think I was perhaps a little too ambitious when undertaking the project, stretching a lot of those involved as well as myself! I had experimented lots as a teenager with cassette recorders in my room, but to actually try my own music in a "big" multi-track recording studio - it was a bit overwhelming. Owner / engineer Noah White was very easy to work with, though, and was as eager to press the envelope as I was. I was joined by a number of my friends on the project, and it ended up being lots of fun!

This album also gave me my first small taste of the music business. Before the album was released, I sent copies to some of the major Christian labels in hopes of a record deal. One major label took interest, and started talking about flying me out to L.A. for a meeting. While waiting further word, they called and told me they were opening a new office in Nashville, and that my music and info would be forwarded to them. When the N'ville A&R guy heard the album, he immediately dismissed it as "very good, but un-commercial," and it was pretty much over! I got similar responses from two other major Christian labels as well. Of course, listening to the album now, I certainly don't blame them for passing, and I would do many things differently (especially having to do with the song order), but it continued a long road of "do I try to write songs that have commercial appeal or just write the way I want?" I chose the latter...

We've decided to offer the music on this album for free. The album credits and complete liner notes are down below if you download them as well.

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Intro / Cup Of Love (Instrumental)

Never Ending Stream

Be Still And Know

Eternal Light

Praise God For The Rain

Whenever I Call On You

Come Follow Me

The Thief

Would You Believe

(He Will Give You) All You Need

Press On To Know

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