Produced by Nori Kelley

Barbie Kelley - Vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, percussion

Nori Kelley - Vocals, electric & acoustic 6 & 12 string guitars, slide guitar, keyboards, lap steel, bass, programming


Rob Bradley - Keyboards (Windstorm, Kiss You Goodbye & Wherever You Lead)

Dave "Thumper" Henry - Drums (All Creation Speaks, In One Accord, I Want To Know & Over The Horizon)

Jim Pollard - Drums (Butterfly & Heal This Land)

Tom Blackwell - Background Vocals, Drums (Talk It Out & Kiss You Goodbye)

George Vinson - Bass (Butterfly & Heal This Land)

Review by Jim Johnson August 2009

MP3 Audio Innerview w/ Nori & Barbie Dec. 30, 2008


(click on each song for lyrics & song comments)

Storm Prelude


All Creation Speaks

Talk It Out

I'm On Your Side


Black Forest

In One Accord


Kiss You Goodbye

Researched Heart

I Want To Know

Wherever You Lead


Heal Our Land

Over The Horizon

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