Straight Line


Produced by Nori Kelley

Barbie Kelley - Vocals, flute, percussion, acoustic guitar

Nori Kelley - Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, lap steel

Rob Bradley - Keyboards, backing vocals

Jim Pollard - Vocals, drums, percussion

Joe Breckenridge - Bass


Ken McKibben - Bass on Under Mighty Wings

Becky Trussell - Backing vocal on Home To You

From October 2000 to February 2003 WIND was a full band for the first time. Although there were a number of personnel changes during that time (including at least 4 bass players!), four key members remained, and Joe Breckenridge stayed with the group pretty much through the recording of this project. A number of these songs were recorded by Nori and Barbie on previous albums, but we wanted to include the band's versions on this one. We had lots of fun playing as a full band, and Rob did a number of gigs with us in Atlanta as a trio - so did our original rhythm guitarist Jim Snow.


(click on each song for lyrics & song comments)

Under Mighty Wings

Tangled In Chains


Forever Always


Home To You

Open My Eyes

You're The Answer


Under The Hourglass

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