The Wind


Produced by Nori Kelley

After seven years since the release of Breaking Point, I finally recorded my third album, The Wind. I had made an attempt to record an album in 1988 (entitled San which is Japanese for 3), but after plans fell through, and with the advent of home recording gear, I was able to begin this project in the fall of 1990.

Thanks to my good friend Brook Finlayson, who loaned me his equipment, I decided to try my hand at doing a project wherein I played all the instruments. Here's the way it was done...with Brook's Linn Drum, which was one of the first drum machines on the market, I began by mapping out and programming the percussion parts. I recorded those in stereo on two tracks of a Tascam 244 4-track cassette recorder. Then I recorded an acoustic guitar along with the drums, followed by bass. With all four tracks now full, I mixed those tracks in stereo to a DAT recorder (digital audio tape). Next, I recorded that mix back onto two tracks of the Tascam 244. That gave me 2 empty tracks to record on, so filled those up and repeated the "bouncing" process. I think I must've bounced tracks about 3 or 4 times before I was done adding guitars, keyboards and vocals. Of course, some of the songs are simpler, with one acoustic guitar only. Boy am I glad there's digital computer recording these days...

I decided to re-record 4 songs from the Spring Rain (1981) album, mainly because I wanted to try them in a slightly different way. Overall, though, the arrangements were about the same, although I had written a new section for "Be Still And Know." The remaining 9 songs were new to this project.

Around this time I ended up doing at least three other album projects for friends using this same approach - I would do the instruments and they would come in and do their vocals...I started getting sort of used to doing things this way, and it was both fun and a huge challenge for me musically. Of course, my preference has always been to play with a good band!


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Sweet Sensation


Love Your Neighbor

The Thief '91

Be Still And Know '91


(Hard To Say) Goodbye

Whenever I Call On You '91

Something To Pass The Time

Never Ending Stream '91

Come And Have Your Way


1991 liner notes...

Recorded between November 22, 1990 & January 14, 1991.
Engineered & mixed by Nori Kelley.
All instruments by Nori Kelley.
Vocal on "Come And Have Your Way" by Debbie Handy.
Cover art / photography by Brooky Finlayson.

Thanks to Brooky Finlayson for the use of his recording equipment, and to Bart Watts for the use of his amp.
Thanks to Jim Bentley and Debbie Handy for for all the support and encouragement they've given,
and to the rest of my immediate church family, Vineyard Gadsden.
Obviously, thanks to the Lord Jesus for His mercy, lovingkindness, patience and righteous judgements,
and for seeing me through. May I respond correctly to Your words and tests.

All songs written by Nori Kelley and published by Count The Cost Publishing / BMI.
Lyrics to "Wind" and "The Thief" adapted from various passages of scripture.

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