Produced by Nori Kelley

Barbie Kelley - Vocals, flute, percussion, acoustic guitar

Nori Kelley - Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass, programming


Makiko Kagami - Vocals on More Than Anything

Akiko Koyama - Vocals on True Love

Mari Takagi - Vocals on Place Of Rest

Yohei Isaji - Vocals on How Great Is Your Love

Japanese translation by

Yuko Worm - Let Everything, Reveal Yourself & So Great Is Your Kindness

Yohei Isaji - More Than Anything & How Great Is Your Love

Eiji Koyama - True Love

Kazuya Takagi - Place Of Rest

From October 2003 to June 2005 Nori and Barbie, along with their two daughters Lizzie and Cynthea, lived in Yokohama, Japan. Immediately they set up Beacon Hill Studio with the intention of recording their next album there, and in the process, decided they wanted to try doing a bilingual project. Nori asked their friend Hitoshi to begin thinking of some ideas for an album title, and after two trys, he came up with the word Wa, which is Japanese for "harmony," as well as a word used to describe things as being Japanese. With the work of four different translators, seven of the album's eight original songs were translated into Japanese. They then enlisted the help of four talented vocalist friends, Makiko Kagami and Yohei Isaji of the Vineyard in Kani (featured on the Vineyard Japan Worship series), Akiko Koyama of the popular Japanese Christian group "Lyre," and vocalist Mari Takagi. The result is a fresh pop/rock album with musical influences from the 70's to the present day.

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(click on each song for lyrics & song comments)

More Than Anything

Let Everything

Reveal Yourself

True Love

Place Of Rest

I Surrender All

Heart For The Nations

How Great Is Your Love

So Great Is Your Kindness

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