Produced by Nori Kelley

Nori Kelley

Barbie Kelley

Doug Sturgill

Joe Pfau


Cynthea Kelley - Piano (I Forgive Them & All The Day Long)
& backing vocals (Infinite)

Liz Kelley - Acoustic guitar (All The Day Long)
& backing vocals (Infinite)

Ralph Hale - Harmonica (Crazy Love)

The Resolution Chorus (Resolution)

and very special guest

Jon Camp - Bass guitars (I Forgive Them & Here We Go Again)

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(click on each song for lyrics & song comments)

Night River

Day River

I Forgive Them

I'm In Love With You

All Around The World

Crazy Love

Here We Go Again

Life Is Mine

Floydian Slip


All The Day Long


My Shepherd

The Good Old Way (Bonus Track - CD only)

I Think I'm Getting Fat (Bonus Track - mp3 download only)

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©2013 Nori & Barbie Kelley