"fantastic...breathtakingly beautiful music and lyrics"

"Thanks for a lovely experience"

"WIND wowed both the audience and staff with their incredible performance..."

"Refreshing"is the word most often used to describe the music of WIND. Wind consists of married couple Nori & Barbie Kelley (residing in Myrtle Beach, SC), often augmented by a bassist, drummer & keyboardist. Nori and Barbie also own and operate Forestgreen Studio, a project recording studio in Myrtle Beach.

Born in Japan, but raised in Alabama from age 9, Nori is a veteran session musician who has worked with Jon Anderson (Yes), Jon Camp (Renaissance), Dave Hope (Kansas), Will McFarlane (Bonnie Raitt / Muscle Shoals) the Chi-Lites & Michael English, among many others. CCM magazine once compared his guitar playing to both Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) and Phil Keaggy. Nori has two projects released internationally by Mel Bay, “Basic Guitar Strumming & Fingerpicking” and “Modern Guitar Method Grade 1,” both of which have been best sellers.

Barbie hails from the Wilmington, Delaware area and comes from a musical family. She began playing the flute at age 9, and plays percussion and guitar as well. She has played & sung on many recording sessions. Her voice has a pleasant, almost Celtic-like quality, and has been compared by some to Natalie Merchant. Audiences love her flute playing, and WIND’s flute and guitar combination achieves nice results.

Nori and Barbie have been joined in recent years live & on recordings by friends Doug Sturgill (bass & djembe), Cynthea Kelley (keys & vocals), Blake & Bethany Graham (bass & vocals), Joe Pfau (drums), and Andrew Wert (drums).


Wind’s music is an original mixture of prog rock, classic rock and folk, influenced by British artists like Pink Floyd, Mark Knopfler, Yes & Renaissance, as well as North American artists like Bruce Cockburn & Tom Petty.

Their 11th album, entitled Seasons, was released on July 5, 2016. It is their “proggiest" album to date, with nods to many 60s and 70s era bands. The main body of work on this album is a concept piece which goes through the cycle of a year, from January to December. There are four additional tracks, one of which features Jon Camp of Renaissance on bass and backing vocals. This is Jon’s second guest appearance on a Wind album, having been featured on 2013’s Wave.

WIND is available to perform as a full band, a trio, or duo.

"(Nori’s) guitar playing stuns." ~ Doug LeBlanc, CCM Magazine

"WIND, presenting passionate music with high-flying flute, guitar acrobatics and killer chorus sections, seem to have no hard time proving they can win over even the average music listener." ~ Shawn M. Haney, All Music Guide

“...best flute & guitar music in the southeast.” ~ Borders Books & Music, Atlanta

“With the scene here in the UK currently picking up for progressive rock artists and artists with a folk and blues edge, the time could be right for WIND...they have the tools and the songs, they just need that little push...” ~ Nick Baldrain, Fireworks Magazine (UK)

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