"fantastic...breathtakingly beautiful music and lyrics"

"WIND wowed both the audience and staff with their incredible performance..."

"Thanks for a lovely experience"

"Refreshing" is the word most often used to describe the music of WIND. WIND primarily consists of husband and wife, Nori & Barbie Kelley, who are based in Nottingham, Pennsylvania. To date, they've released 18 albums and EPs. In 2020 they began to receive a degree of airplay on some radio shows in the UK and US, including a live slot on the "Prog & Rock Virtual Festival" on May 23, 2020, which attracted nearly 17,000 listeners. They released a new album in July 2022 called "Shift," which received a great review in PROG Magazine. Two of their more recent releases are an EP called "Live on the Prog & Rock Show July 29, 2020," and a 25-year retrospective double album set titled, "PROGression." The "PROGression" album also received a good review in PROG Magazine. WIND will be embarking on a short tour of the UK in November 2022, including a live radio concert on "The Prog & Rock Show" in Rushden, England.


Born in Japan, but raised in Alabama from age 9, Nori is a veteran session musician who has worked with such rock greats as Jon Anderson (Yes), Jon Camp (Renaissance), Dave Hope (Kansas), Will McFarlane (Bonnie Raitt / Muscle Shoals Swampers) and John Sussewell (Alvin Lee / Donny Hathaway / Diana Ross). PROG magazine called him an "assured guitarist," and CCM magazine once compared his guitar playing to both Mark Knopfler and Phil Keaggy. Nori has two projects released internationally by Mel Bay, "Basic Guitar Strumming & Fingerpicking (Book & CD)" and "Modern Guitar Method Grade 1 - Pop Version (CD)," both of which have been best sellers. He continues to do session work from his home studio, Forestgreen Studio.


Barbie hails from the Wilmington, Delaware area and comes from a musical family. She began playing the flute at age 9, and along with handling most of the lead vocal responsibilities in WIND, Barbie plays the flute, acoustic guitar and hand percussion. Her voice has a unusually pleasant, almost Celtic-like quality and she has sung and played flute & percussion on countless recording sessions. Barbie's flute playing adds a uniquely beautiful touch to WIND's overall sound. In recent years she undertook the huge task of writing a musical called, "No Love, No Peace - The Musical," addressing timely issues such as teen bullying and suicide.

Other noteworthy members & contributors to recent WIND recordings are violinist Kyle Lopez, bassist Dave Hope, drummer John Sussewell, vocalist/guitarist Carly (Rooks) Moses, bassist Doug Sturgill, percussionist Mike McAffrey, drummers Joe Pfau and Andrew Wert, bassist Jon Camp and violinist Mark Lewis.

Wind's music is an original mixture of prog rock, classic rock and folk, influenced by British artists like Pink Floyd, Mark Knopfler, Yes & Renaissance, as well as North American artists like Bruce Cockburn, The Allman Brothers, Kansas & The Grateful Dead.

Barbie has also written a musical with Nori entitled, "No Love, No Peace - The Musical," which was debuted in the spring of 2017 by students at The Academy of Arts, Science and Technology in Myrtle Beach, SC. Nori & Barbie recorded and released the music soundtrack in 2018, with most of the vocals done primarily by students and local musicians. Barbie is presently working on tweaking the script for future productions of the musical which deals with timely issues such as teen bullying and suicide.

WIND is available for bookings at churches, pubs, restaurants or private events.

"...Nori is an assured guitarist..." ~ PROG Magazine

"Wind's music, with refreshing vocals from Barbie Kelley and skillfully experienced musicianship from both Barbie and Nori Kelley, is a celebration of their religion and life with progressive rock and rock!." ~ Bob Prigmore - The Progrock Tunesday Show ( & The Prog & Rock Show (

"The new 'Seasons' album is an absolute tour de force, both musically and spiritually. The musicianship would be hard to fault and Nori's writing seems to improve with each album - miss it at your peril." ~ Jon Camp - Renaissance

"(Nori's) guitar playing stuns." ~ Doug LeBlanc, CCM Magazine

"WIND, presenting passionate music with high-flying flute, guitar acrobatics and killer chorus sections, seem to have no hard time proving they can win over even the average music listener." ~ Shawn M. Haney, All Music Guide

" flute & guitar music in the southeast." ~ Borders Books & Music, Atlanta

"With the scene here in the UK currently picking up for progressive rock artists and artists with a folk and blues edge, the time could be right for WIND...they have the tools and the songs, they just need that little push..." ~ Nick Baldrain, Fireworks Magazine (UK)

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