In March of 2002, Nori got a call to go Birmingham, AL for a recording session. Although this had been a regular occurrence since 1979, this was not going to be a typical session. "Would you be available to do a session with...Jon Anderson?" George asked. "THE Jon Anderson?" was Nori's response in disbelief. "This is no April Fool's joke - it's the real thing...but you can't tell anybody - it's a secret!" said George. George Vinson is a good friend and fellow session player that Nori's known and worked with since the early days at Solid Rock Sound in Birmingham - a great guitarist and bassist. A lot of people who know Nori know that his favorite band since his teen years has been Yes, and original member Jon Anderson was their lead vocalist until 2005, and a rock music icon.

Barbie went to the session with camera and camcorder in hand. She asked Jon if he minded, and he said, "Go ahead." She ended up with a few photos and about an hour of video. During the course of the session between rehearsals and takes, Jon told lots of stories about the glory days of the band.

The song, produced by George & featuring some great players, was called "Gonna Say Yes." Nori ended up playing a seven guitar parts on the track. A great memory indeed.

Hello from Jon (short video)

"Gonna Say Yes" mp3


Produced by George Vinson

Jon Anderson - vocals
David Gaines - keyboards & programming
George Vinson - bass & programming
Nori Kelley - guitars
Michael Dulin - piano
Jaimey Rogan - drums

Recorded at Polymusic Studios, Birmingham, AL

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